Welcome to the Culture™ Certified Resale Program. By participating in this program you are eligible for special pricing, promotions, terms, buy-in incentives, and additional merchandising support from Culture.™


Certified retailers are eligible for pricing incentives based upon total business volume and product commitment.

Average Margin Per Retailer Level – We believe our entire retail network deserves the best possible opportunity to earn an excellent margin on our quality products. Therefore, we have an average dealer margin of 40-50 percent for all retailers, regardless of total business volume you achieve throughout the year. That being said, monthly promotions and specials will run throughout the year in a tiered fashion for retailers with the strongest representation of Culture™ within their shops.

Available to Retailers

All branded Culture™ merchandise and POP are available for purchase to the retailers. -Official Culture™ dealers are entitled to take advantage of our monthly promotions run throughout the calendar year that include extended pricing, add-ons and freight incentives.


–  Standard POP display
–  Certified retailer materials (counter displays, mats, signage, soft goods, etc.)


–  Retail open houses & local events*
–  In-store demonstrations and workshops*
*Available for purchase or as rewards for Premium Retailers

Interested in offering Culture products at your salon or business? Joining the program is easy, and with competitive sales margins like ours, there’s no reason not to! Please fill out the contact form below for more information: