Our Story

The Culture story started off like so many of the stories we hear from our mixed community. Kris Guccione, the creator of the product was a Caucasian female who had just given birth to the love of her life, Alex—a multiethnic baby. Her daughter was beautiful of course, but she just couldn’t figure out what to do with her hair! The products she used were too drying. The products Alex’ “aunties” used were far too oily. And styling in general was out of the question. The issue only grew worse as Alex became a teen and grew more self conscious of her unmanageable hair, with a countertop full of products she’d tried from every other brand on the market. So Kris got to work, tracking down industry experts, testing ingredients from all over the world, and finally taking it to the lab to develop a one-of-a-kind formula. So with plenty of blood, sweat, tears and time, the brand was built, the product was packaged, and Alex finally loved her curls.